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Off The Rock

Come party With Us

Off The Rock is North America’s premier tribute to one of Canada’s greatest musical icons -Great Big Sea.

Playing the groups classics as well as East Coast Traditional songs for your kitchen parties, festivals and corporate events.

Off The Rock brings an interactive and engaging show that is sure to keep audiences talking about their evening hours, days, even weeks later! 

Featuring the musical talents of Anthony Clayton, Thom Danger Speck, Tyler Reznick, Sean Battams, Steve Peckford, and David Skolnick, this dynamic group brings the spirit of the Canadian East Coast home, wherever home may be. 

Let's Get Personal

meet the band

Thom Speck - Guitar/Bouzouki/Vocals

Anthony Clayton - Guitar/Vocals

Tyler Reznick - Drums/Bohdran/Vocals

Sean Battams - Fiddle/Mandoline/Vocals

Steve Peckford -

David Skolnick - Accordion/Piano/Vocals

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